Friday, 02 December 2016 20:46

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Additional Info

  • Opportunity Title: The Boss at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art
  • Organization-Sponsor: Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art
  • Deadline: Until Filled
  • Location (if applicable): Boston, MA
  • Description of Opportunity:

    The Boss will be bold as a dynamic member of the Crystal Bridges leadership team to expand cultural impact in the region by integrating contemporary art, music, and performance into the community. The Boss will help design and develop the new facility and will later create and execute strategic plans. Programming activities developed by The Boss should directly impact the quality of life in Northwest Arkansas while also garnering national and international attention. From initial concept to grand opening, The Boss will be responsible for creating a highly interactive and social atmosphere with a relaxed, welcoming, and accessible vibe. After the grand opening, The Boss will be responsible for the day-to-day oversight and operations of the newest arts hub in the region. Artistic responsibilities will be balanced with fiscal accountability. In order to maximize the economies of scale and impact of the two locations, The Boss will interface with the varying resources currently housed at Crystal Bridges’ main campus. It is critical that the locations stay administratively connected and artistically collaborative, yet differentiated through a wide range of art, artists, and experiences.

    The Boss will be innovative in developing the concept from design through construction and adventurous in programming. The Boss will lead all activities related to the creative and operational aspects of the new destination.

    Facility Planning and Concept Development

    • Determine how existing indoor and outdoor spaces can be transformed into an unconventional and imaginative destination.
    • Lead a team to create a regionally significant and nationally scaled music program complemented by contemporary art exhibitions and installations.


    Contemporary Programming and Artists

    • Create innovative, cross-disciplinary, and relevant programs.
    • Cultivate and create great relations with top performing and visual artists to produce memorable experiences.


    Leadership and Accountability

    • Build an organizational structure to support the concept and programs.
    • Balance creative vision with financial responsibility.

    The ideal Boss will be strategic, flexible, communicative, and open to new ideas. A highly creative innovator of multifaceted programs, the right candidate will enjoy artistic experimentation and futuristic thinking. Excellent at collecting and distilling disparate concepts, The Boss will develop a strong path forward, with a sense of urgency and a competitive nature to achieve major international aspirations. The Boss will be motivated by a self-directed environment and will revel in frequent interaction with others in a respectful, collegial, and professional environment. The Boss will be excited by the concept of a new facility, energized by creative programming, and inspired to develop audiences in Northwest Arkansas.

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