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Arts Coordinator

Sponsoring Organization

City of San Marcos



San Marcos, TX





Serves as an innovative Arts Coordinator with a diverse skill set and a variety of knowledge related to the creative arts; reports directly to the Recreation Programs Manager. Acts as the City's representative to leverage San Marcos' investment in arts, culture, and the creative economy to maximize the quality of life, increase economic development opportunities and plan for the continued accelerated growth  along the Central Texas Corridor. This position recognizes the ongoing need for integration of the arts and culture into a broad array of City activities and endeavors, often referred to as "Placemaking."




  1. Arts and Creative Economy Development and Promotion: Work with the staff liaison to the Arts Commission which oversees funding allocations and usage to support non-profit arts and cultural organizations, artists, neighborhood arts programs, festivals, permanent art and artworks in public development.
  2. Serve as the advocate for the City's creative economy.
  3. Coordinate with City departments to create a supportive network for San Marcos' arts, culture, and creative communities.
  4. Promote alignment with the comprehensive Arts Master Plan across all relevant City programs.
  5. Assist the Arts Commission and City departments with updating the comprehensive Arts Master Plan which will convene artists and other stakeholders, listen to their needs, develop consensus, and formulate an updated Plan for the City.
  6. Work to ensure the Arts Master Plan reflects and effectively serves all of San Marcos' diverse populations.
  7. Work with community organizations, City, and State staff on the development and implementation of a designated Arts & Cultural District.
  8. Develop and maintain an online database of San Marcos arts, culture and creative economy resources available for creative industries and individuals which will also assist City staff to identify opportunities, close gaps and avoid duplication of efforts.
  9. Facilitate and advocate for creative solutions to the specific needs of San Marcos artists such as community gallery space, live/work spaces, and shared studio spaces.
  10. Identify underutilized City and County spaces that could be adaptively reused in innovative ways for art and cultural opportunities.
  11. Economic Development:
  12. Draw upon best practices of the City of San Marcos and arts offices in other municipalities to promote the unique aspects of San Marcos. Work to leverage these assets to develop local, high-caliber businesses, employment and creative economy resources with the goal of making San Marcos desirable as a destination, both short and long term.
  13. Serve as an ambassador and advocate for arts and culture in San Marcos to artists, donors, public officials as well as local, regional and national businesses.
  14. Work alongside the City's economic development staff, the Greater San Marcos Partnership (GSMP), City's Planning and Development Services as well as other key partners to implement art and creative placemaking opportunities, from early stages with developers through project completion.
  15. Community Development: Serve as a network builder, connecting artists, arts and cultural organizations, heritage associations, the Chamber of Commerce, local businesses, schools, and institutions of higher education with citizens, ensuring that all residents have the opportunity to be active participants in San Marcos' rich cultural community.



  • Must demonstrate the ability to work independently and accomplish goals and objectives with minimal instruction.
  • Liaison with assigned boards and commissions.
  • Manages programming, and special events.
  • Must possess solid organizational skills.
  • Ability to identify and assess problems and offer solutions.
  • Manages assigned budget and program goals/responsibilities, adherence to the Arts Commission's objectives and guidelines.




  • Bachelor of Arts degree in arts administration, public administration, visual arts, performing arts, language arts, communications, education, urban planning or other related field.
  • Four (4) years' professional experience in the arts and culture sector with a solid history of managing relationships across a broad array of stakeholders.
  • Minimum of 2-4 years' experience managing complex relationships and partnerships.
  • Budget management experience, preferably with a significant annual organizational budget.
  • Valid Texas Driver's License with an acceptable driving record required.



  • Possess knowledge of municipal government.
  • Experience working with a city council and department officials desired.
  • Ability to work across departments to create a supportive network for artists and the arts.

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