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Cultural Services + Creative Economy Manager

Sponsoring Organization

City of Sacramento



Sacramento, CA






Under general direction, the Cultural Services + Creative Economy Manager (CSCEM) is responsible for the overall administration of the Cultural Services division which includes the City/County funded Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission; directs the development and implementation of programs, policies, procedures, and objectives in support of the Department of Convention and Cultural Services mission, vision, and goals;  responsible for budgets, facilities, capital improvements, and revenues; researches the needs of the local arts community and general public and applies the results to long-term planning; locates and sources funds; prepares and submits grant proposals; negotiates and manages contracts for art projects; and, supervises staff assigned to the Cultural Services division.
This is a single-position management classification. The CSCEM is distinguished from the Director of Convention and Cultural Services in that the former requires specialized training in the arts and is responsible for overseeing the activities of only the Cultural Services division while the Director of Convention and Cultural Services is a department head with broad management responsibility over a wide variety of services. This classification is distinguished from lower­ level classifications in that the former is responsible for a major division of the Convention and Cultural Services Department and has broader scope of contact.
General direction is provided by the Director of Convention and Cultural Services or higher-level staff.  Responsibilities include the direct and indirect supervision of professional, technical, and clerical personnel.


The following duties are typical for this classification.  Incumbents may not perform all the listed duties and/or may be required to perform related duties as needed.


  • Establishes department goals and objectives; develops and implements policies and procedures required for effective development and implementation of action plans in support of mission, vision, and goals; directs, assigns, monitors, and evaluates the department and CIP budgets; monitors and evaluates expenses and revenues; makes adjustments to meet budgets; makes recommendations on long-term and short term development of the City's Cultural Plan and other changes as necessary.



  • Serves as the Manager of the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission, the City/County local arts agency and liaison with SMAC, a City/County advisory Commission; establishes and monitors priorities for five primary programs; provide technical, professional, and mentoring guidance; connect staff and volunteers to industry leaders; recommends professional development; coordinates with other local arts activities, and maintains liaison between existing arts groups and the Commission; plans and directs the work of the Agency staff and non-profit support organizations.


  • Assists in the development of a five-year Commission master plan for the growth of the arts in Sacramento by researching the arts and community needs, utilizing national research to educate the community, and by facilitating community arts priorities; prepares annual operating budget and revenue projections for submission to the Commission; develops, negotiates, and manages contracts; evaluates proposed and ongoing projects for cost effectiveness and terminates unproductive programs.


  • Conducts grant research, development, and cultivation; compiles inventories of local, State, Federal, and other funding sources for the arts, and actively participates in securing such funds for support of the arts; prepares and evaluates grant proposals for funding.


  • Prepares comprehensive reports on cultural activities for submission to the Commission; may represent the Commission on administrative and arts matters before legislative bodies, civic groups, and the Commission's advisory committees.


  • Convenes regional conventions, forums and panels for community education and development; actively engaged in arts field working with national arts leaders, philanthropists, foundations and corporations.

  • Confers with department head, division managers, members of professional staff and other officials concerning the administrative needs and requirements related to the Cultural Services division; represents the program in contacts with news media, business and civic organizations, other City departments, and various outside public and private agencies.


  • Interprets new policies, procedures, and regulations, and develops new or amended programs or projects as need dictates; monitors program objectives to assure compliance with program guidelines as well  as with  federal,  state and  local laws, codes and  regulations.


  • Selects, assigns, supervises, reviews, and evaluates staff engaged in the administration, operation, and maintenance of the Cultural Services division; provides staff with professional and technical guidance as required.


  • Participates in and/or coordinates the preparation of various reports as required including, but not limited to, memoranda, City Council Reports, and budgets.


  • Provides exceptional customer service to those contacted during work.






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