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Dreamers without Borders

Sponsoring Organization

U.S.-Mexico Foundation



Washington, D.C.






 The U.S.- Mexico Foundation’s Dreamers without Borders (DWB) program is the most prestigious binational educational and service learning program specially designed for young dreamers of Mexican origin and Mexican Americans. DWB provides with the opportunity to attain a greater understanding of the importance of the binational relationship, while strengthen the participants‘pride in their heritage. The program’s agenda is truly unique and has proven to be a life-changing experience. 

We invite you to apply in order to participate in the summer 2017 Delegation! Selected beneficiaries will be hosted cost-free in Mexico by the USMF and its partners from August 4th to August 15th. Participants will become members of “USMF Binational Young Leaders Network”, the largest binational community of youth working together to promote US- Mexico Collaboration. 

Applicant eligibility and application requirements: 

 DACA recipients, US Permanent Residents and US citizens of Mexican origin. 

 For DACA recipients, DACA and work permit must be valid from April 5th through August 30th, 2017 or later. 

 Submit and complete the online application (click below or go to ) including a video and a letter of recommendation. 

 Currently enrolled or recently graduated from University or College. 

 Between 21 and 30 years old. 

 Especially designed for DACA Dreamers and U.S. Legal Permanent residents of Mexican origin who left Mexico at 11 years old or younger, and first-generation Mexican-Americans who have never visited Mexico. 

 Commitment to full participate on the program’s agenda activities. Including participate in "Binational Young Leaders Network" by becoming an English mentor of a Mexican College student for a year. 

 Have not participated in previous Delegations to Mexico sponsored or co-sponsored by the USMF or any other organizations. 

 Commitment to participate in the program’s final research project (when returning to the US), which includes writing an essay of your experience and learnings during your stay in Mexico. 

 Commitment to promote social development in Mexican communities thought binational collaboration. 

 Committed to attend program’s alumni reunions in the United States before and after travelling to Mexico. 


Program Timeline: 

 May 1st : Deadline to submit application 


 Program’s Activities: August 4th to August 15th


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