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2017 Public Media Content Fund

Sponsoring Organization

Latino Public Broadcasting



Burbank, CA






The Public Media Content Fund (PMCF) is an open invitation to independent producers to submit proposals for programs, limited series or short web-based digital video projects (no longer than 20 minutes) on any subject relating to or representative of Latino Americans  and is appropriate for public television and/or one of its platforms.


Programs should bring new audiences to public media and have national relevance presenting a range of subjects, issues and viewpoints that complement and challenge existing public media offerings. These programs should also aim to meet the current content priorities of PBS that include but are not limited to: Performing Arts and Drama, History, Science, News and Public Affairs and/or programs that support CPB’s American Graduate by raising awareness of all facets of the high school dropout crisis.

Programs should provide strong story-telling techniques that give voice to the diverse Latino community on public media. While proposals can take creative risks, selected projects must ultimately appeal to a wide variety of television and public media audiences. Projects that reflect personal or individual experience should have universal appeal, take creative risks and provide a lens to Latino history, culture and issues.



An LPB-funded program must be the only version of the program. (A re-edited version of the LPB funded program cannot be re-packaged for another network).

All funding requests must be submitted in accordance with LPB’s guidelines.

You may submit only one application for one proposed project per review period. If your proposal is among those advanced to the reviewing panel, you may be asked to submit additional supporting materials.

An independent producer or a production entity (i.e. a partnership or organization owned by the individual producer or producers), creating programs on the Latino experience is eligible. The program must be produced independent of the support of a film studio, commercial broadcast or cable entity, whether on a for hire, commission or employment basis. The producer or production entity must retain the copyright and have artistic, budgetary and editorial control over the proposed project.

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, be citizens or legal residents of the United States or its territories, and have previous film or television experience demonstrated by detailed personnel bios or resumes, and by sample tapes upon request.

If this is your first full-length media project, you will be required to submit a video sample upon request of a shorter finished work that demonstrates your ability to tell a story using the visual medium. If applying for new media, producers must have been producing other short format productions for at least three years.



  • Thesis projects or student films.
  • Producers or production entities that are foreign based, owned or controlled.
  • Industrial or promotional projects.
  • Projects for which the exclusive domestic television broadcast rights are not available.
  • Projects with a primarily commercial interest.
  • Projects whose content or ideas are identical to previously LPB funded programs in production.
  • Current signatories of LPB contracts who have not completed delivery.
  • Current signatories re-applying for the same type of funding originally awarded.
  • Employees of CPB, PBS, APT and NETA.



LPB funding will average between $5,000 and $100,000 for programs of most genres, including documentary, narrative, performance, mixed genre or new media. LPB is primarily interested in funding projects at the production and post-production stage. Requests for research and development (R&D) are not a priority at this time. If applying for new media funds, applicants will be expected to complete the project with funds awarded. LPB funding for each stage ranges as follows:

Research and Development $5,000 – $20,000
Research and Development requests should provide funding for producers to fully develop their storylines, identify engaging characters, talent and complete a production proposal and budget. Eligible activities include: (i) research; (ii) clearance of life story rights or other rights necessary to initiate production; (iii) development of a script or treatment, including the hiring of writers; (iv) preliminary filming, if necessary prior to the commencement of principle photography; (v) completion of a production proposal and budget.

Production $25,000 – $100,000
Production requests should provide funding for producers to film and produce their programs. Funding requested may or may not include full completion of the program. Eligible activities include: (i) principle photography (including all production activities, hiring of crew, talent, clearance of rights for public media use; (ii) development of a website for the program and (iii) post-production (including editing and completion).

Post-Production $25,000 – $100,000
Post-Production requests provide funding for producers to complete programs already-in-progress. Eligible activities include: (i) post-production (including editing and completion); (ii) clearance of rights required for public media use; (iii) development of a website for the program; and (iv) if approved by LPB, promotion and outreach expenses for the initial release of the program.

Digital Media $5,000 – $25,000

Digital Media requests provide funding for producers to research, produce and complete “short form” (no more than 20 minute) programs for primary distribution over the Internet or another public television platform, and include vignettes, webisodes and other digital media content. Eligible activities include: (i) research; (ii) clearance of rights necessary to produce, complete and distribute the program; (iii) all standard production and post-production activities; and (iv) creation of engagement materials (including promotion and marketing materials).


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