• Deadline / Program Start: 09/30/2019
  • Organization: Southern Graphics Conference International - Puertografico 2020
  • Organization Type: None of the Above
  • Location: San Juan, PR
  • Primary Discipline: Visual Arts
  • Recurring: No
  • URL: Link

Mestizaje is about the unique experience of being at the intersection of cultures. This is an outgrowth of Gloria E. Anzaldua’s writings on mestiza consciousness and culture. Often the mestiza can feel that they belong without fully belonging, embracing who they are while trying to balance who they are expected to be. Code-switching, defiance of false binaries, identity politics and internalized racism, pressure to conform to stereotypes, inaccurate or absent representation in media and more, are all part of the mestiza’s experience. This portfolio would explore the memories and experiences of belonging to cultures that do not always see eye to eye, and the tensions, sacrifices, joys and pride that come with these experiences. This portfolio is open to the entire spectrum of gender.

Edition size will be 24, with artists receiving 20 prints each. One edition will go to SGCI’s archives, one to the host institution, one to Becci Spruill’s archives, and one will become a traveling exhibition.

Paper Size: 11×15″
Participation Fee: $15 plus return shipping from Raleigh, NC